Saturday, May 3

Wednesday’s Weekly Write

Letitia Minnick

Driving Daybreak,
Rubber on road burns past
a blur of trees turned telephone poles
then on to open fields.

The rush of wind
obliterates the whine of toiling turbines
as all fear fades facing
the golden disk of dawn.

For Wednesday's Weekly Write #2 - Coldplay - Yellow (instrumental)


Wednesday, April 30

Black to Fade

Black to Fade, 4/24/14

Letitia Minnick

Caught in the light,
darkness shutters--
fear curling like a fetus
crawls from kindness,
curling into itself
and away from the love
shining gently
on its shoulders.
Tighter, it draws upon
the memory of despair,
suckling on nothing
but a shadow cast
by the hope that seeks
its destruction.

Letitia Minnick

Written for Wednesday’s Weekly Write.





Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin

A heavy heart,
So full of woe,
Emotions brimming,
An overflow.
Black cloud envelops,
Desolate and blue,
Breathing is labored,
Heart pounds on cue.
Head full of thoughts,
Fighting for space,
Jumbled emotions,
Mind can't erase.
Lie in the dark,
Everything bleak,
Don't want to see,
Failure to speak.
Sleep is elusive,
Pacing all night,
Try to make sense,
Nothing seems right.
Feeling of panic,
Hold back a tear,
Try to stay calm,
Nothing to fear.
Anxiety takes over,
There is no control,
An enemy to battle,
For life to be whole.

- Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin -
© 2014 All Rights Reserved Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin

Written for Wednesday’s Weekly Write squaredpoetryplus