Thursday, July 18

Prompt Tuesday, Image-Thirteen , James Graham


James Graham

Fire Lizard Eggs

Fire Lizards know more than you think. They even control you at this very moment but you would not know it, as you are blind to their influence.

During the life cycle of the Fire Lizards the male Fire Lizard subconsciously pre-texts a Human subject for his brood. The technique developed by the Fire Lizard is to set a Motivating Mantra into the Man's mind. During the gestation phase of the Eggs, the frequency of reinforcement of the Mantra is  then further enhanced by social pressure also manipulated by the male Fire Lizard.

Once the female has laid its eggs and as they have become fertilized over a period of intensely violent sexual encounters, the Human subject becomes self possessed in one mind to change his behavior in some strange way due to his self analysis while focused on his Mantra. He feels his social pressure and becomes disturbed and as he tries to change his relationship of proximity physically from his current location towards his feelings of peacefulness that he finds leads him to the Glowing Eggs.

Once within the influence of the Eggs, they hatch and the emerging Fire Lizards consume the stupid Human. If you feel yourself fleeing your current location without reason while muttering to yourself, if you even can realize you see the eggs, do not go near the eggs, you have been warned. No one has survived this ever, so beware!

Show Off Your Skills, 7/18/13, Bekkie Sanchez


Bekkie Sanchez

Life Anew

Surfing the breeze
on a purple flower,
wet wings drying
under the hot sun.
A spent cocoon
laying dormant
as life emerges,

Better to be
like the butterfly.
Spreading your wings
to a new  existence.
Leaving behind
the old shell,
becoming more.

Your wings
now ready
to carry you
into the world.

Show Off Your Skills, 7/18/13, Dolly Piper

Dolly Piper