Friday, June 14

Show Off Your Skills, 6/14/13, Jeff A

Jeff A

No Title

Within dreams things seem serene,
Its likely that their chill.
In these dreams
Things come unseen,
I'm going for the kill.
In my dreams
Are never as they seem.
But at least in these,
dreams of poetry,
I can be
Undisturbed and unperturbed,
Alone to finally face me.

Show Off Your Skills, 6/14/13, Bekkie Sanchez

Bekkie Sanchez

Here’s my acrostic poem describing and spelling out “Acrostic.”


Create poems

Rhyming or not

Often silly poems

Short stories also

Tied to one subject

Interesting to read and look at

Contrary of more serious forms.

Show Off Your Skills, 6/14/13, Jeff A


Jeff A

Show Offs

Showing off,
for the fun.
Were showing off
For the sun.
A shitty poem,
Is to be shown-
Until the day I'm done.