Sunday, June 9

Prompt Tuesday, Image-Seven, Bekkie Sanchez


Bekkie Sanchez

The End

Hat crammed onto my head I walk

the streets. Nowhere to go now we have failed

ourselves for the last time. Elbowing through dirty

crowds of lost souls, I trip over a warm groaning body.

Sweating and feeling not unlike a corpse myself

I contemplate the glaring truth; we are all

beyond help; finally I spy the

park! Amazingly it’s

quiet here. Most

seek the


On my


I sit


I can




from here.

As I watch the mushroom cloud.

No-Prompt Thursday-Five, Bekkie Sanchez

Bekkie Sanchez

Piles Of Smiles


Do something nice for somebody.

One act of kindness today.

Always be patient and thoughtful,


Leaving piles of smiles

As you go through your day.

No-Prompt Thursday-Five, françoise MICHEL

françoise MICHEL


Je voudrais être un oiseau
Dormir dans le nid, tranquille
Attendant le petit vermiceau
Que me ramène un parent, habile.

Chanter à tue-tête
Dans le petit matin
Mon coeur en fête
Sans peur du lendemain

Me balancer sur un fil
Piailler sans répit, futile
Etourdir une amourette
Et l'emmener en goguette

Joindre nos deux émotions
En une seule passion
Du monde être les maîtres
Pour le faire renaître.

In English:


I want to be a bird
Sleep in the nest, peaceful
Meanwhile the small worm
That brings me back a skillful parent

Sing loudly
In the morning
My Heart on holiday
Without fear of tomorrow

Throw me on a wire
Squawking tirelessly, futile
Deafen a flirtation
And take her on a spree

Joining up two emotions
In a single passion
Be masters of the world
For its eternal revival

I would like to add it’s not easy to write in a language that one doesn’t speak. Therefore when reading this the original language will express this person the best. ♦Website’s owner.