Thursday, June 6

Prompt Tuesday, Image-Seven, françoise MICHEL


françoise MICHEL

Event Entries 10:29 AM


A ce banc adossé comme tous les soirs
Je regarde s'envoler mon dernier espoir
Quel est ce champignon blanc, me direz-vous ?
La dernière navette qui part de chez nous

Notre Terre est devenue trop exsangue
Polluée, elle sort bientôt de sa gangue
Nos jeunes partent s'installer dans l'espace
Pour eux, l'ultime chance de trouver leur place

La planète est devenue l'immense mouroir
D'âmes trop agées pour vivre cette croyance
Nous restons dans ce monde au désespoir
Dont il ne reste plus qu'un grand silence

Le ciel va se refermer sur ce nuage blanc
Effaçant ainsi le souvenir de nos enfants.

In English:


At this bench seated like every night
I look fly my last hope
What is this white fungus, you say?
The last space shuttle taking off from here

Our Earth has become too anemic
Polluted, it will come out soon from its coating
Our young people move to live in space
For them, the last chance to find their place

The planet has become huge hospice for the dying
Of souls too much elderly to live this belief
We stay in this world in despair
Of which It only remains a great silence

The sky will close on this white cloud
Definitively erasing the memory of our children.

the end

I would like to add it’s not easy to write in a language that one doesn’t speak. Therefore when reading this the original language will express this person the best. ♦Website’s owner.

No-Prompt Thursday-Five, Frances Harris

Frances Harris


I’m flying in a space ship,
Looking far below,
The sky is black, the stars are bright,
I’ve been here quite a while,

I look to left, I look to right,
I see so many wonders,
There’s nothing much that can outdo,
The blue orb that’s down under,

It is my home, my refuge,
Blue and speckled skin,
Clouds, and sea and desert,
The lights flick off and on,

Like any traveler far from home
I think about its future,
Are we the ants that matter not?
Or do we bring salvation?

From this place so high above,
We don’t seem so important,
If we don’t care and love our home
We’ll disappear completely.