Saturday, May 25

Prompt Tuesday-Image Five, Bekkie Sanchez


Bekkie Sanchez

Event Entries 5:15 PM

The Fallen One

She kneels before me on the old faded carpet
With large wings on her back as dark as pitch
Black feathers are dancing on the light breeze
The thin white curtains gently billowing
Her face remains hidden in the shadows
As my eyes roam over her perfect body
What secrets does she keep?

Her beauty is unsurpassed by anything on earth
My gaze caresses her as she lifts her eyes to mine
All the horrors of the universe are revealed
I cannot look away as I see the terrible truth within
The fear & agony no one man can contain
Darkness closes all around me as I ascend into hell
For she is one of the fallen & has taken my soul.

No-Prompt Thursday-Three, Bekkie Sanchez

Bekkie Sanchez

Event Entries 5:04 PM

No More Honey

Doth the little honey bee
Making life so sweet
Buzzing flower to flower
Nature so complete.

Comes the bee from Africa
Fighting to survive
The honey bee is overrun
No honey in the hive.

Man he uses pesticides
Beauty everywhere you see
Poison pollen in the fields
Requiem for Honey Bees.

No-Prompt Thursday-Three, françoise MICHEL

françoise MICHEL

Event Entries 6:56 AM


La lune était de sortie, hier.
Ce  magnifique astre fier,
Tel l'oeil unique du cyclope,
Dardait son regard myope
Sur la terre des hommes
n'y trouvant qu'une vie fantôme.

Très tard, elle se réveille
A l'heure où nous dormons.
Dans une étrange veille
D'un monde à l'unisson
Qui tente d'éviter, absolument
Une rencontre dans son présent.

Cependant, il arrive certaines fois
Au début de la journée, de la croiser.
Mais elle a déjà perdu son éclat.
Au soleil, elle fait un pied de nez,
Avant de s'en retourner chez elle
En attente d'une occasion nouvelle.

English Version:


The moon was out yesterday.
This beautiful star proud,
As the single eye of the Cyclops,
Darted its myopic glance
On the earth of the men
there being a ghost life.

Very late, it wakes
At a time when we sleep.
The strange guardian
Of a world in unison
Trying to avoid, absolutely
An encounter in its present.

However, it happens some times
At the beginning of the day, to cross it.
But it has lost its luster.
To the sun, it makes thumbs its nose
Before it goes back home
Waiting for a new opportunity.

I would like to add it’s not easy to write in a language that one doesn’t speak. Therefore when reading this the original language will express this person the best. ♦Website’s owner.