Wednesday, May 22

Add-To-Me Monday, Story One

Bekkie Sanchez

It was dark as pitch out here & my head was killing me as I walked along the deserted highway gas can in hand. The desert night was warm & there was a sliver of moon hanging in the night sky but I was not here to enjoy the scenery.

Getting away had been the easy part but now I had to find some damn gas or it was over. Or another vehicle.

I hesitated and looked back the way I had come swatting at the variety of buzzing insects around my head. Nothing had passed me on this god forsaken road since my truck ran out of gas. Gravel crunched under my feet as I trudged on & just as I was beginning to think I'd never find anything for miles I.....

Pensador Louco

...noticed a fading light in what appeared to be a couple of miles away. Or at least I thought I saw it. I mean, it’s easy to be tricked when every bug in this God forsaken desert decides to make a condo out of my eye and ears? I started to hurry.

Silence, the horrible silence. This place was supposed to be deserted but my steps over the dirt sounded loud enough for me to believe anyone could be hearing me. Watching me. Following me. Shit! I started to get real paranoid quick. Bad time for a breakdown. Can’t let that happen now you idiot!

My head was pounding. I could feel the flow of blood going in and out of my brain. Pulse. Pulse. Pain. Every step. Every buzz. How long could it be?

The light was still out there. I was holding my breath but it didn’t seem to get any closer. What a ridiculous story to tell. A grown up with a Hercules size headache racing flies and mosquitoes to reach a light that might as well be a night mirage.

Why did the night have to be so silent?

No birds. No wind. Not even a lousy rattlesnake. I was alone and the light was far away and the lord of flies seemed as he wanted to break me into pieces. My head was crackling like burnt toast. No rest for the wicked I suppose. No rest at all.

After five minutes or so I came to a shock. I was so busy lamenting about my lack of luck that I failed to notice the light was finally getting closer. The bugs had given up on my left ear. And I definitely wasn’t running over the filthy dirt anymore. I was…

M. Blank

hurrying down a paved road, still unable to make out the edges of a town.  But the light had to be coming from somewhere.

The crackling in my head grew more severe as I wondered what would happen when I did find help.  People weren't too kind to strangers who showed up in the middle of the night stained with blood.  I gritted my teeth and walked on hoping the gas station attendant would be some punk kid too stoned to notice my macabre attire.

The flies continued to pursue me drawn to the nourishing fluid that stained my flesh.  I slapped my arm and felt the body squish beneath my blow.  It struck me again how easy it was to bring harm.  But there was no time to think about that, I had to...

Imalyn Dowedia

find gas real quick. Trying to forget the hammering in my temples and focus my entire attention to the light far ahead proves difficult. Each step is hell itself, breathing is shallow and I thought I heard a pathetic moan somewhere when actually the sound came from my dried up lips.

As the light ahead expanded with each step I took, my heart began to pound furiously.

M. Blank

I could make out the outline of a building now short and squat.  The light perched on a corner.  I hurried my pace, hoping to see a human being.  Or a vehicle I could siphon from.  My head clearing I realized the latter would be the better option.  Then I could get back to Clarisse.

I shook my head clear the viscera from my thoughts.  It didn't happen.  She would be smiling when I got back and ready to get going.  She was a bubbly little thing and didn't deserve this.

I came to a fence guarding the perimeter of the building and the vehicles in the lot.  Not a person in view.  I...

Bekkie Sanchez

was covered in blood, sweat stained and bone tired. How was I going to get over the fence? My mind reeled without water.

Clarisse was waiting, or maybe she wasn't  I had been gone all night and most of the morning. I had told her I would be right back. She couldn't wait forever we were on the run from the cops. She had helped me kill the man for the truck but we weren't out of the woods by any means. And here I was almost dead with no way back yet.

I walked around the fence with a new determination nursing a wicked thirst. The place really was deserted I saw nobody around. No guards either. It seemed to be some kind of medical building although I saw no patients coming or going. Then I saw it, a hole in the fence just my luck! A small hole but I could enlarge it. I made quick work of it and was soon standing beside a car. I tried the door expecting it to be locked. It wasn't so I let myself in.

I hadn't sat down for many miles and my boots were killing me. I peered in the mirror and didn't recognize myself at all. Unshaven, filthy and unbeknownst to me I even had some blood on my cheek underneath the insect bites.

Letting a groan escape my lips I noticed they hurt and were cracked. I needed water and something to eat. Water! It was imperative I find some or there would be no getting back to Clarisse.

I jumped out of the car with renewed vigor looking around before I popped the hood. Everything looked good so I hot wired it and was rewarded by the sound of the engine running. Just my luck there was almost a full tank of gas!

I still needed to find some water and the only place to get it would be that medical building. I…

M. Blank

scoped it out and saw no guards so  I picked up a rock and heaved it at the nearest window.  After knocking some shards loose, I scooted through the hole and dropped to my feet in the broken glass.

Empty, stained cots lined the room.  Glinting surgical tools hung from the far wall.  Blood stained the floor.  I forgot my thirst.

I had to get back to Clarisse, but the place drew me in.  I had to see more.  I had to…

Bekkie Sanchez

I heard a noise behind me and spun around but too late!

I came to with an aching head right where I had started in the beginning of this terrible turn of events. A head with a sledge hammer working inside.

Now I needed water badly and I was so hungry my stomach was eating itself. My mouth tasted sour and I felt fuzzy...wait, have I been drugged?

I wanted to wipe my mouth but the motion of my arm was stopped by something. I pulled again.

My eyesight was blurry and the room was spinning round. All I could make out was white and some red smears. I could make out some people walking around that's all I could do or say.

Clarisse will be gone by now and there's no sense in going back. This thought came to me in waves like the Pink Floyd song. Why was I thinking of Pink Floyd at a time like this?

A blurry figure came over to me and without speaking and got close enough for me to see she was a nurse. She looked at my vital signs head bobbing as it swam around my view. She reached way above my head and did something with a tube.

I can't describe the feeling that flowed into all parts of my body. What is this wonderful feeling and where has it been all my...

I clutched, or would of clutched at my heart if I hadn't been in restraints as it began to race. I started seizing.

My last and only thought was of Clarisse that sweet bubbly thing that hunted and killed with me. She didn't deserve this.

At that I took my last gasp of life.

Prompt Tuesday-Image Five, Kim Robertson


Kim Robertson

Event Entries Yesterday 8:27 PM

Derdekea’s Daughter

Everything is supposed to be black and white. Good verses Evil. Light and Darkness. Clear. Simple. Nothing to agonize over. But life is never clear and simple is it?

It is all a bit confusing, I saw her yet I didn't. I mean the image is strong in my mind yet I know it never really happened. I saw clearly in front of the window in my just rented empty apartment a blonde, young and beautiful woman. She was kneeling in a square of warm sunlight. She wore a black sleeveless top, black shorts and tall patent leather shoes and something else. She had wings. Black wings. And the room was filled with black feathers floating towards the floor while a breeze flapped a thin white curtain on the window. I remember this!

She said it was never like that. She was just picking up a penny from the floor. She laughed when I mentioned feathers and wings, “Look, if you want me to go out to dinner with you, just ask! Stop with the corny angel pickup lines!” So I did.

It never occurred to me that there was anything weird about her, apart from my day dream. I assumed she was from the Real Estate company there to make sure everything was OK with the apartment. Only now when I think about it, she never spoke about the apartment or the Real Estate at all. We just talked about the warm weather and spring. How lovely it was with the flowers blooming and the birds singing their joy. We talked and talked and I felt like I had known her all my life it was so easy.

“Shem,” she said; “Did I tell you you have the most gorgeous blue eyes?” She looked intensely into mine with her stunning golden ones. I felt my heart skip a beat and start fluttering in my chest. Her breath was hot and smelled of roses and something much more human. “This is.. is.. going so fast.” She placed her hands either side of my head. “Oooooh I could get in so much trouble for this.” She leant in and kissed my lips hesitantly, then again and again. I felt dizzy. I felt queasy. I pulled her close and kissed her completely right there in my empty apartment in the sun and warm breeze.

The rest of the afternoon was spent like young lovers. We explored each other and tickled, teased and made passionate love on the carpet. Over and again until the sun went down. In between we spoke about my life and loves and she about her hopes. She wanted people to get over their pettiness and small mindedness. She seemed wise beyond her years and deeply caring about the world yet strangely naïve to the small details of life.

I asked her for her name but she became distressed and said I must not ask it of her. “Why on earth not? It’s not like I am going to tell your boss on you,” I said defensively. She just looked at me weirdly as I said; “Come on you know my name it’s only fair that I know yours! Please, please tell me your name! I demand it!” She looked defeated and replied downcast; “I am Dara, daughter of Derdekea.” I thought it was a bit of an odd name but she looked so down I wanted to comfort her. I held her in my arms and said playfully; “There! That wasn’t so hard Dara. Now that we know each other maybe we should be friends!” I laughed and she laughed with me. We kissed and made love once again falling asleep in each other’s arms.

When I awoke it was cold and dark and I was alone. Of her I could find nothing but she had left my clothes folded and sitting on top was a single black feather.

The next day I called the Real Estate company but they said no one called Dara worked there, in fact no one was supposed to be in my apartment at all that afternoon. That was a complete dead end. I tried looking through Facebook but there were hundreds of Dara's. No Dara Derdekea’s and Derdekea appeared to be a surname.

I researched more looking for where this odd sounding name came from. I traced it back to a very strange old and odd source. What caught my eye was my name in the search result; The Paraphrase of Shem. I read it and the more I read it the more I remembered the feathers and the wings. Derdekea was a heavenly, powerful female angel who descends to earth for the salvation of man. That was pretty heavy.

In the end I gave up because all avenues seemed to lead nowhere at all. I never did get to go out to dinner with her. Maybe I should make a reservation for dinner and she will just show up! I hope that I meet her again.

Prompt Tuesday-Image Five, Letitia Minnick


Letitia Minnick

Event Entries 3:19 AM


She came in answer
to his call only
to ultimately
find herself lacking.

Molting inadequacies,
she shed angelic feathers
with each woeful tear.

Prompt Tuesday-Image Five, Pensador Louco


Pensador Louco

Event Entries Yesterday 6:13 PM

The Worm

No more room.

She stood still for a moment or two. Feeling the weight. Such a heavy weight, the flesh. More than she imagined to be possible, and no technology to evaluate it. The unbearable heaviness of a body made up of flesh, blood, bones and needs. She was on her knees with her hair loosely falling over her eyes. She had a certain awareness of where she was and how she got there which made her see everything. She felt everything at once, every sound, every crack that was on the long wooden floor.

A cat was crying somewhere like a newborn. A savage little beast with a cry so aggressive it could only be translated as one thing: desire. There was no more room.

She could hear the neighbors watching the screens. She never quite understood the screens. Empty messages, soulless as she was. Giving people hope as she was supposed to have given.

The nameless one stood up her shoulders adjusting to the uncomfortable hanging of wings that could no longer fly. They stunk of death as they were now rotting, useless and blackened.

The cat was still roaring. Warnings of safe sex. Cars were passing by she could hear them outside the window. The screen. Addictive melodies and promises of love so vain as the ones which made her want to leave. Her wings were almost dust by now. Minutes perhaps or moments before she could sense the wounds she'd carry for the rest of her existence. A life as young and fresh as the small cats being born.

It was desire all along in an endless land. There was no will but to obey as she discovered desire in the form of a worm. A vermin and there were billions of them in the world. The cat continued. The damned screen. The cars and people in the streets. Was the noise never going to end?  The worm was all she could think of amongst the terrible noise. The insignificant maggot who knew how to make her want more.

The man who made her feel like there was no more room. Who made her fall.

Wings resisting from being cursed and blood made of ozone pouring from translucent veins. Feathers falling down a maze of shame and accusations. Restrains. Chains. Her body being formed. It felt as heavy as hell. She felt nothing, really. Nothing at all. Only desire and sound. Like the happiness of the people when listening to the screen. New dresses. New jobs. Money. Consume. Love. What was love after all? She would finally be free, along with her little, beautiful, passionate maggot.

But things are never that simple, are they?

She was there now because she had been made flesh. But it wasn't her love for him that made her fall. It was lust and desire. The same emotions that kept the cat screaming in the night. The same kind of thing that made her eyes burn deep and fiercely red. Like her smile.

He was nowhere to be found. It was too late for her to mind. She was still smiling. The cat was still screaming.

There could be no more room in heaven. Or in Earth. Or near that miserable worm but it was no problem.

There would always be room for her where desire ruled the fallen.