Wednesday, May 15

Prompt Tuesday-Image Four, Bekkie Sanchez


Bekkie Sanchez Show Offs

An End To It

Hearing voices in my head
Lying naked on my bed
Soaked in sweat & racked with pain
Will it ever end?

Twisting turning inside out
Full of fear & filled with doubt
Goose-bumped skin & crawling flesh
Will it ever end?

Death is coming round the bend
Sickness is my only friend
Trapped inside with no way out
Will it ever end?

Wiping spittle off my lips
I won't take much more of this
Take the knife & plunge it in 
Will it ever end?

Blood is spreading everywhere
I feel no more, I do not care
The demon's gone but so am I
Finally an end.

Prompt Tuesday-Image Four, françoise MICHEL


françoise MICHEL

8:29 AM Event Entries

"Mirage de l'âge"

Quelle est cette femme qui me regarde ?
Ce corps sans forme qui me rend hagarde.
Ces rides profondes aux coins des yeux,
Qui les font paraitre beaucoup plus vieux.

Malgré la couteuse chirurgie esthétique,
L'agile bistouri, qui devait m'être bénéfique :
Je survis entre stupeur et malédiction,
Quand je désire  bonheur et  rédemption.

Serais-je déjà parvenue au terme
Des possibilités de mon épiderme ?

Et pourquoi pas tirer sur mes pommettes
Cela me donne une apparence plus jeunette.
c'est ainsi que je t'aime mon beau miroir
Lorsque tu me permets de mieux y voir...

English Version:

"Mirage of age"

What is this woman who is watching me? This body without form that makes me Haggard. These deep wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, which make them seem much older. Despite the costly cosmetic surgery, the agile scalpel, which would be beneficial to me: I survive between stupor and curse, when I desire happiness and redemption. I already reached at the end of the possibilities of my skin? And why not pull on my cheekbones that gives me more teen look. that is how I love you my beautiful mirror when you would like to see is better...

I would like to add it’s not easy to write in a language that one doesn’t speak. Therefore when reading this the original language will express this person the best. ♦Website’s owner.