Thursday, April 25

Prompt Tuesday-Image One, Lacey Edwards


Lacey Edwards

4:02 PM Entries Only

A Short Story

The oaf had four friends. He liked to keep them close. Especially the woman he held dear.

He kept them close because he was afraid they might sail away if he did not cling.

His mentor would admonish him for this. But he paid no heed.

He clung on for dear life. His life. He loved his friends and was terrified they might one day leave him.
So he hung on.

His friends sometimes had troubles. They thought he didn't notice, but he did, after all he only had four friends.

They (his friends) had their own worries, and since he only had four friends, these became his worries too.

He carried their worries on his back everywhere he went. It hurt his back sometimes but he knew he was stronger than they were, so he did this out of love and loyalty.
Someday it might be their turn to "tote the weary load"