Wednesday, April 24

Prompt Tuesday-Image One, Bekkie Sanchez

Bekkie Sanchez

11:11 AM  Entries Only

I am very excited and pleased to turn in my entry for the first "Show Offs" "Prompt Tuesday" writing exercise I hope you all like it.

The Dream

I found another land
And there I saw a sight
It filled me full of fear
But also with delight.

There stood a giant man
The others were so small
I didn't understand
Why was the one so tall?

They didn't notice me
They could not hear me call
I looked down at myself
I wasn't there at all!

♦Bekkie Sanchez

Prompt Tuesday-Image One, James Graham


James Graham

Yesterday 9:11 PM  Entries Only

A Huge self-promoter, Andre had a peyote dream. In it he saw himself creating a new venue to demonstrate his and other wrestlers physical attributes in combat to the next commercial endorsement. Saving the damsel in distress, his career, he tries to explain this dream to his manager the next day. He fails miserably and goes on to a meaningful life as a circus freak.