Thursday, November 7

Our Member's Work, Deafboy Deft

Deafboy Deft

(No title.)

Brothers and sisters… tell me, is there any chance of living in harmony?
Can you forget all the things you learned, return all the feelings you lost?
Shall we stand aside while the weakened try to escape all the despair?
And wasn’t it honest enough then? To show our real face to the others?

We, the misunderstood, the most crazy brothers and sisters…
We, the damaged, the hurted, the strange and the rejected ones...
We, the special ones, the quiet ones, the dreaming ones…
We, the people who were born to find the worst in other people…
We, the social isolated, all the mad and all the stigmatized ones

So.. haven’t we told you enough about us? Was there really no fun at all?
Haven’t we always tried to reach your mind? To start a conversation?
Over and over, and over again? So.. was there really no distance?
Our eyes are made of the same stardust as yours.. so are we less then?

We, your brothers and sisters, the ones you named as the worst of the worst
We, the angry, sometimes the loneliest creatures among the happy people
We, who feel a little bit more, while the ones around us know it and avoid us
We, who tried so many times, who will never really dissapear, alone together
We who will survive, who will show the others that there is still some hope

Written for Our Member’s Work


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