Wednesday, October 30

Our Member’s Work, MowMow Jones


MowMow Jones

Let's walk away
i don't want to run away from the things in life
panicking, tripping, quickly stomping on each problem before i even know it exists, i didn't want to run past all we'd been through, passing the colors, the glimmers, the small movements designed in life, the rope that still hangs out of my back tugs at the people connected, pulling it only to release the same phrase over and over and over again 'I'm sorry but i can't do this anymore' 
i wanted to stroll past the painted sliding views from one screen to the next, even holding on to the sly pages brushing against each other to transition to the next phase.
i couldn't run away from it all ,pack my bags and leave, running away is  trying to escape, i left with no grudges, no misfits chasing after me, or giant brooms brushing me out,
i walked away on a treadmill to a better life, reaching different speeds, and goals, but not leaving where I've been, just finally catching up with my mind, who ran away with the colors, the sliding scenes, hiding away from the world's bland puppetry.
Reaching for the stars, i have nowhere else to turn, so let's walk away to space, let's walk away to dreams, let's stroll to a never ending sidewalk where love is the guide and the destination.

Written for Our Member’s Work


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