Sunday, July 21

Show Off Your Skills, 7/18/13, Brian Smith


Brian Smith

Dog Or God? Depends Who's Asking

Actually after that realization I had my first talk with God. I told him if he sent me somebody that loved me just for me I'd never try that again & I would always try to be the best person that I could be. A month later I was blessed by a breeder with a 6 & a 1/2 week old male Rottie pup that I could afford. She figured she had a $125 in him so that's all she charged me for a pup that she could have got 2 grand out of. I wouldn't go out of the house by myself if ever. I wanted to kill every tweaker I knew & I only seemed to know tweakers. I had made the mistake of being someone that had come up with the best crank they'd ever seen. A week & a 1/2 after buying Gimli 1 of my seizures left me unconscious & I have sleep apnea. I had a minor stroke that I did not go to the hospital to treat because if they ran a blood test I was screwed. A week or 2 later at only 10 weeks Gimli started giving me hell a little while before I had a seizure. I not only figured out why dog is god spelled backwards I figured out that you have to be careful what you ask for because I'd asked for something I thought was totally different but I still got exactly what I needed. A couple of months later a $5000 contract was rumored to be out on my puppy because I wasn't so desperate for attention anymore & none of them could get me to let them take me where I needed to go to fill their order. I only got into what I was dying to make a couple family members safer & get some attention. I found out no matter what I was just someone between them & a rock. My friend & tattoo artist heard about the contract & went to a couple of bike clubs he did skin art & branding for & informed them of it & they put out the word if anybody touched that puppy them & everybody around them would be fucked. The offer was quickly retracted & we were left alone to save up for a plan ticket to Seattle. Even though I did not get the mate I was asking for I have kept my deal with God every since. I may not be someone anyone wants but I'm someone most people want to call friend.

This is a comment from a post on Google Plus in the Show Offs community and I have consent to post this from the writer. It is not fiction it’s a real event.