Wednesday, July 17

Show Off Your Skills, 7/17/13, author MSCHELL

author MSCHELL


He treated her like a dirty piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe
berated, intimidated a constipated piece of turd
there was no love making only man handling sex taking
why do you stick around, never understood why she didn't stand her ground
at some point, some time and place something's gotta give
a stunted growth, this aint no way to live
one day her baby girl asked "why cant we just leave"
that was the breaking point her incentive enough to deceive
so she packed up there stuff and left that woman beat'n,
womanizing, liar a shortly written note
this is what she had to say, in the note she wrote:

I'm done, I'm out you sorry ass sack a shit
I'm done with this loveless relationship, I give up and I quit
I'm outta this dump. I'm leaving you along with all the bills
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, your gonna need to see a doctor
because what I also leave you with is gonna require lots and lots
of pills....