Monday, July 15

Music Monday-Song Three, Ian Andrews

Music Monday is a music prompt writing event done each week in the Show Offs Community on Google Plus. Each week we take a different song, listen to it and write about how that song makes us feel. This piece was written for Song Three

Ian Andrews

He wasn't sure how but Daniel could breathe water. He remembered falling off the railing of the ship but he wasn't sure when or how it happened. He found himself drifting in a cool current that swept around him. All manner of strange creatures glided by him lazily, turning their eyes to him in a curious but almost accepting manner; as if they knew he was where we was supposed to be. 

Long stalks with orbs of bio-luminescent light sparkled in the vastness of the space surrounding him. His eyes blinked with disbelief. Was he dead? He didn't feel dead. He ran his hand to his heart and could feel it beating. His lungs were impossibly pulling in the water and pushing it out as if it were air. He looked downward, or at least what he thought was downward, and that is when he saw her. Her?

A woman with soft features, kind eyes, and a sweet smile upon her lips stared up at him from just a few feet below. He swiveled in the water to get a better look at her.  As he did, she shifted slightly to conceal her naked form. He thought that perhaps she wasn't ashamed and was toying with him. The heart-melting smile still on her face and her eyes flashed in a way that made Daniel think that this underwater maiden wanted him to follow her. Then she suddenly turned and swam deeper into the water.

He hesitated at first but then decided if this was either a dream or some spectacular afterlife, he had no choice but to follow. Getting his bearings, he pulled his way through the cool water in the direction the girl had swam. A soft blue light began to swell around him, but he could not make out the source. It was warm and inviting and Daniel felt this was the place the girl had wanted him to come so he swam onward.

He began to see more creatures; fish of magnificent size and color, jellyfish that glowed with a thousand colors, and what appeared to be other people. They all stared at him with the same warm regarding smile on their beautiful faces. Not one of them appeared old or sick and he could clearly see they were young bright beings who somehow were projecting emotion throughout the water.

Daniel was so taken aback by the sight, that he failed to see her swim up beside him.  As he turned his gaze to meet her face, she smiled even wider. He suddenly felt as though he was in love with this woman but he didn't know why or how. All he knew was he could feel his heart flutter and he longed for her.

She must have sensed his longing because she took his hand and guided him into a nearby cave. Inside, the wall was a sheer drop and stretched on in either direction into the interminable darkness. As she pulled him inside it opened into a deep room of sorts. There were small lights coming from rocks caused by various glowing worms that crawled slowly along the cave’s surfaces. 

The girl's eyes motioned to a bed of soft green billowy material that looked like green cotton. She laid him on the bed and for the first time allowed him to see her naked form. She was flawless but looked vaguely familiar. Tentatively, Daniel reached out a hand to touch her skin and she allowed him to do so.

Daniel's mind suddenly filled with an overflow of emotion. No not quite emotion, as he realized it was her thoughts and her memories. He now knew her name, and she knew his. All this was conveyed silently between them in a matter of moments. It was obvious to Daniel that these beings evolved a deeper way of connecting.

Then without warning, she kissed him. It was a small kiss but a kiss with a promise and he knew from touching her and sharing her deepest thoughts that they had shared something special. He knew that she wanted him to be with her.

Daniel stared into her eyes, tracing his hand across her cheek. If this was to be his death and afterlife, he would embrace it without question. As he was considering this her eyes took on a surprised, somewhat quizzical look.

Taking his hand she gazed deeply into his eyes as he clearly heard her, just like she was speaking to him; "Oh no Daniel, you’re not dead. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be and you've come home." Her thoughts echoed in his mind. He was home.