Thursday, June 13

Show Off Your Skills, 6/13/13, Yobial Marin

Yobial Marin


Grey clouds make way to skies of blue,
The sun breaks through to warm the earth.
I stare out of the Window,
A ghost that looks upon an empty space,
Not of this world.
Eyes see, the heart is closed and dormant.
A single tear frozen in time,
The soul is lost in transit.

Figures walk past, look up and smile,
A blur, unrecognizable.
Distant voices reaching out,
The sound is always silent.
A speeding car, a changing light.
The distant cry of a new born child,
A dying man's last breath.

Contrast and contradiction,
Life offers and withholds.
Shrill laughter, quieted by the cries of anguish.
Alone I watch ...
The Window shields me from an unknown world.