Thursday, June 27

Prompt Tuesday, Image-Ten, Ian Andrews


Ian Andrews

Justin stared up at the fat round moon hanging low in the sky like a dead eyeball overlooking the world and all its sins. Tonight the moon was his judge and jury. But of course, he was the executioner. It had taken some time to pick the lock on the door even after many dedicated hours of practicing. Justin chalked it up to nerves. It was his first time after all and some anxiety was expected.

He had managed to prepare everything else with a neat almost compulsive precision. His backpack hung heavy on his shoulders with all the necessary tools of the trade. He ticked each item off in his head as he ran the picks into the deadbolt of the door desperately probing for the tumblers. Knife, duct tape, rope, syringe and surgical gloves. He was ready for the evening to begin. Justin felt the final tumblers fall into place as he twisted the deadbolt free. He took one final look at the bloated moon in the sky behind him and whispered; “Don't tell anybody.” With a smirk he crept into the darkness of the house and vanished.

The inside of the dark house enveloped him and gave Justin a surge of confidence. He wasn't exposed, instead he was like a shadow creeping silently up the wall almost imperceptible. The din inside the house was that of a funeral home and corpses would have made more noise. Justin had an idea as to where to go despite the unfamiliarity of the layout. The bedroom would be at the top of the stairs. It was all the same in these cookie-cutter homes prefabricated in the suburban wasteland. As his he listened carefully, Justin could make out the soft sounds of snoring from up above. He longed to breathe that same air because she would be there.

Knives of moonlight streaked through the windows but Justin managed to avoid them as he made his way up the stairs. Light felt like poison on his body as he embraced the darkness. He now stood in the doorway that led into the bedroom.  He caught his breath as he saw her. She was laying on the bed with only a sheet covering her nude form. The moon cast a light upon her that accentuated her shapeliness from beneath the covers. His urge grew stronger and he noiselessly stepped into the room with a purpose. He had been watching her for weeks, like his little doll or a pet. His pet! He wanted nothing more than to curl up beside her in bed and wrap his arms around her entwining both bodies until neither could be distinguished from the other.

Justin smiled wide and reached his arm around to the opening at the top of his backpack and produced the duct tape. Using the tape right here would make too much noise and was an irritation in the dark quiet of the house. Justin decided to move out of the room and peel off a strip before coming back in and gagging her. In the hallway he picked at the tape’s edge with his fingernail. Finally a strip gave way and he quietly tore off a six inch piece ready for silencing any protests. Aside from the setbacks and the anxiety, Justin thought this was going better than planned.

He was finally ready and entered the room. But she was gone! Frantically, he scanned the room. Had she gone to the bathroom or did she actually know something was wrong? Panic flooded him as he swung his head from side to side looking for her. He moved towards the hallway feeling like he should make his escape. At the very least, if she knew he was here she would have called the police. Justin couldn't let that happen. He stepped into the hallway at the top of the stairs when he suddenly felt a sharp pain on the side his head.  

Justin came to, dizzy and disoriented and tried to look around. She was taping his hands to the bed frame and as he lay on the bed incapacitated he wondered how this would end. She swam into his view, her naked body straddling his and smiled at him. “So you thought you could sneak up on me is that it?” She asked with just a hint of superiority. Justin looked at her coolly and said nothing. She pulled a knife from beneath her pillow and ran the sharp edge down Justin's chest. “You should have planned better;” she murmured softly.

The moonlight filled the room like a beacon as she ran her fingers across Justin's chest and groin. Giggling softly, she said; “You know I am going to have to make you pay for your mistakes, don't you?” Justin smiled broadly and said; “Next time you get to be the burglar.” She kissed him deeply, and for once the moonlight felt inviting."