Thursday, May 2

Show Off Your Skills, 5/2/13, Mickey Jones

closing eyes

Mickey Jones

It sounded like the thud of a murder's footsteps thumped in her chest. The sweat on her arm quietly pours. She looks at her clenched fist and is numb to the finger nails digging into her palm only to wonder once again why she was doing this. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back against the cold marble wall. She suddenly sees in the haziness of the dark a boy appear in front of her. he wears a red polo with the words Hollister written in bold across his chest, she noticed on his left shoulder in there’s a doodle permanent marker that says 'Michael loves me' slightly covered by the muscular curve on his forearm and that amongst his dark complexion the words seem to blend in ever so slightly. She looks up at the boy in front of her hesitantly only to peer into his big eyes that were the color of the newly furnished coffee tables in Barnes nobles. The only thing she can see in front of her are his lips, he reaches for her wrist only to pull her closely. She can smells his breath ever so smooth and minty, she breathes it in savoring it even. Then the moment soon fades away back into the darkness that is behind the eyelid. She opens her eyes only to turn to the left and feel the pain increase in her chest as she held all of her weight upon her shoulders and the mass in her heart.