Wednesday, May 1

Prompt Tuesday-Image Two, Letitia Minnick


Letitia Minnick

4:01 PM Entries For Events Only

A Visit with Norma Desmond

She told me
her cat was Gloria Swanson
returned from the dead
and ready for her close-up.

I told her
she needed to move farther away
from Sunset Boulevard
and to cut back on the microwave popcorn.

She persisted
and placed the black and white beauty
on my lap
where it perched
with hooded eyes
and a haughty flick of its whiskers.

As the feisty feline climbed up closer,
apparently to sniff my nose,
the thought occurred that psychosis
could very well be contagious
as the kitty began to purr,
"DeMille... DeMille... DeMille..."