Wednesday, May 1

Prompt Tuesday-Image Two, Kim Robertson


Kim Robertson

Yesterday 5:37 PM Entries For Events Only

Cat Lady

I never knew her very well. She was pretty and quiet but happy to chat if the right moment arrived. The sort of person that you forget when life moves you away from them. Pleasant but a little bit distant; a little bit unreal. I remember her telling me about the flowers that she was growing in the planter box outside her ground floor apartment. She was looking forward to spring to see them bloom. I guess she never got the chance.

I wouldn't even be thinking of her now except I for her cat. Strangely the cat was a lot like her. Pretty and quiet, but friendly if approached nicely. I looked into its eyes and I could see the loss; it made me feel sad. The poor creature is all that is left of her now. That and the planter box. Someone came along last week with a truck and took all her belongings away, but left the cat behind. It feels like she was completely erased, but I still sense something of her here nonetheless.

None of us in the complex knew she was ill, so we were all shocked when the ambulance came that night. I remember leaning over the balcony looking down at the flashing lights seeing a glimpse of her lifeless body being loaded in the back. They were in no hurry, she had been gone a while, I suppose. Afterwards I was talking to Dorris in number 9, it seems that no one had really known her at all. It made me feel awfully sorry for her, I wished I had been more friendly.

Anyway, I am taking care of her cat. I never knew her real name so I am calling her 'Socks'. Somehow I hope that the poor girl is looking down from somewhere and can see that we haven't forgotten her, Socks and me. I think I will start watering the planter box so her flowers will bloom this spring. Socks will like that.