Thursday, May 9

Prompt Tuesday-Image Three, Kim Roberson


Kim Robertson

1:31 AM  Entries For Events

Lady in white

Pale light of pre-dawn
Hinting to the sky with pearly lips
She stirs, awakening
Rising, amid the aftermath.

All round are the signs
Of a bitter bloody struggle
Clothing torn and
Earth desperately scarred

She pulls around a pale robe
To clothe her beaten nakedness
To hide away her body
Ravaged by brutal male beasts

In a haze she stands
And turns towards the dark
To find the icy path
Toward the lost way home

Long miles of sadness
Memories of horror
Creeping back to scream
And gibber and drive her forward

Miles of emptiness and silence
She knows not the hours
At last a familiar way looms
And knows she will soon be home

The wan moonlight shows a house
Old and deserted
Long abandoned and ruined
Where her home should be

'This is not my home'
Her dry voice croaks
As she circles the fallen buildings
'Oh woe, oh woe, oh where is my love?'

A voice answers in the dark
A shadow moves in the fallen stable
A body shakes and shifts
A neigh like long lost hope calls out

Standing tall and fierce
Eyes glowing red  in the dusty gloom
A steed snorts and prances
Rattling and creaking like leather and bones

Reaching forth she seizes the reins
Of dread horse rearing
Forcing it to her will
She mounts, and rides forth

The silent stars stare weakly
Across the benighted land
A pale woman cries her loss
Riding the devil's steed

'oh woe, oh woe, oh where is my love?'