Wednesday, May 8

Prompt Tuesday-Image Three, Bekkie Sanchez


Bekkie Sanchez

Yesterday 7:49 PM Entries For Events

Death "Becomes" You

As I rode down the moonlit path in The Black Forest I was glad for the extra light because this was one of the darkest forests I could remember navigating in a fortnight. “Black Forest indeed,” I mumbled to myself thinking it quite an appropriate name for it was black as pitch and dense. The moon was bright in an otherwise empty sky as I paused in a clearing.

I jumped off my horse appreciating the feel of my feet on solid ground after a long day of riding. My horse had picked up a stone earlier in the day and although I caught it soon enough I did not want to risk it going lame as I still had a long road to travel.

Satisfied, I put my knife away and finished inspecting my horse's hoof. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought as I stood up and leaned on it's warm flank for a moment.

I was bone tired, didn't like this forest and now had to camp here. I had expected to make camp earlier outside of Belltower but the area was full of riffraff so I decided to ride on. Just as I was making good time my horse stumbled. Some days it didn't pay to get out of my bedroll and this was one of them.

A half of an hour went by and I got a fire going and noticed clouds starting to form in the sky. A slight breeze picked up and my horse got wind of something. Frowning, I thought I saw a dark shape moving through the clearing near the edge of the bushes nearby. It was very large, larger than a man. The moon ducked behind the clouds and everything outside the camp fire was like black ink.

My horse cried out in fear and broke it’s lead crashing through the underbrush just as lightening flashed and hit a tree nearby. Sparks flew everywhere as the trunk caught on fire.

As I took in this sight I was spun around lightly but forcefully by a hooded figure riding by on a horse. The feel of being so near to the apparition was not unlike electricity. I was frozen in my tracks while; "Run, run you must run," screamed in my brain.

My mouth was dry as I croaked out a muffled screech. I dropped to my knees my eyes wild with fear as the figure made one last pass. As the hooded rider crossed by the burning tree I caught sight of it again. His steed seemed made of bones yet it was galloping along with a figure of death riding it. A dark mist was gathering along the ground & it had gotten so cold.

Then our eyes met and I was staring death in the face where there was none! It somehow grinned toothlessly back at me as the eye sockets stared sightlessly through me. He held one white rose in a fist underneath the sleeve of the black robe. I was drawn back to the eyes; the missing eyes, those eyeless holes....

The mist was everywhere now swirling upward as I watched the dark figure recede and everything turn to darkness.