Monday, May 27

Add-To-Me Monday, Story Two


Bekkie Sanchez

The old man sat on the park bench feeding the pigeons. He came here every afternoon when the shadows grew long & the day cooled. The pigeon’s were greedy and never seemed to get enough to eat as they fought aggressively for the best seed.

It was the hottest Summer that he could remember & even the birds seemed bothered by the heat as they quarreled over his offering. A crow landed amongst the pigeons scattering them. The old man watched as they circled back to continue feeding.

This is when he had time to think. He was already lost in thought right now and of course he was thinking about her.

He missed her every single day of the last 10 years he had lived without her. When they had meet he knew she was special. She had a way about her that could charm even the gruffest curmudgeon. She put a smile on everyone’s face. And he could still not go on without her.

françoise MICHEL

The most important thing to him was reliving that fateful day when everything had changed. It was his fault he had interfered and the thought still filled him with doubt and fear. He wanted to fix things to get her back and have her in his life! He felt like terrible that he had let it happen and longed to get her back.

All those years ago he could see her before him smiling that smile. I loved her eternal smile. She offered that smile to everyone and it was always on her face…he missed her so.

He went to sleep that night but awoke the next morning feeling a raging jealousy. It was as if it had jumped out of the nightstand at him and that feeling never left  him until later that evening. He had wanted to pull those feelings out of himself and trample them. He imagined throwing them away in the dustbin and felt a little better.

He couldn’t let it go because after all he was her husband, the one that needed to be with her and the fact that he wasn’t was the worst possible thing that could of befallen him.

French Version:

e plus important,  ce qui lui avait échappé depuis tout ce temps.

Il fallait revenir en arrière, repasser dans ma tête cette journée

fatidique où tout avait  basculé.

Retrouver la faille, l 'endroit où s'était immiscé le doute, la peur.

Si je comble la retrouve la femme.

Faire machine arrière pour, enfin, me projeter dans l'avenir : me sentir corneille plutôt que pigeon ! Mais comment m'y prendre ? 10

ans déjà.... Elle était là, devant moi, me regardant de toute sa

hauteur ; son éternel sourire, qu'elle offrait à chacun, accroché à son visage. Je ne pouvais plus le voir, j'en étais presque jaloux :
dès le réveil, il était là comme s'il avait sauté de sa table de nuit

sur sa face et il ne la quittait plus jusqu'au soir.

J'aurais voulu l'arracher, le piétiner, le jeter à la poubelle. C'était moi son mari, moi qui avait beson d'être auprès d'elle et c'est ainsi que le pire est arrivé....

I would like to add it’s not easy to write in a language that one doesn’t speak. Therefore when reading this the original language will express this person the best. ♦Website’s owner.

Bekkie Sanchez

What was he so jealous about? The feelings twisted him and for the first time in all of these years he didn’t go to the park to feed the pigeons. He was bone tired, emotionally spent and moped around his house all day mumbling to himself. He was not even fit for the birds.

He finally ate a small supper, a can of sardines in mustard sauce and saltines. It would do for now. As he crossed the room to the stairs he caught his reflection in the mirror. He was startled and didn’t recognize himself for a moment.

He was deeply shocked at this image in the candlelight. The face had been ravaged by time and the white hair was thin and balding. The lines in the reflection of the face where deep and he didn’t like the look in the man’s eyes. His eyes and his face! This fact hit him with an intensity that caused him great pain. Clutching his head a moan escaped his lips as he bolted up the stairs to his bed. He slept fitfully that night but he had a dream and it was about her!

They were together again and so happy! She told him how much she wanted him back and that they would always be together now. Before she died she had found a way. She told him she would meet him at her gravesite and that they would never be apart again.

He didn’t want to let her go this time the dream was so real and he could feel everything so strongly. But she assured him that this was only the beginning and they would be together again soon.

She told him what to do and made him promise to do it the next day. They would be together again soon. He could not deny her anything because he wanted this more than life itself.

The next day bright and early he woke up refreshed. He felt wonderful as if he were young again. He whistled a tune as he busied himself getting ready to go to the cemetery. He put on his best suit, combed what was left of his hair and left his cottage.

He went to get her favorite flowers which he hadn’t bought since those fateful 10 years ago when he had lost her. He got her white roses her favorite. Expensive but worth the cost for her. He did everything she asked last night and by late afternoon was ready. He was going to have her back. Forever she had said.

He got to the cemetery and rushed to her gravesite. It was now getting dark as he placed the flowers on her grave. He sat in the grass and waited like she told him to. The moon was a sliver as it shown above him. It would happen soon.

She had told him in the dream about a gypsy fortune teller she went to regularly. The old gypsy told her about her untimely death and she had begged the woman to help. She gave that gypsy almost everything she owned. But now it would be well worth it.

He had fallen dreamlessly asleep in the grass and when he awoke he saw a dark figure in a cloak standing before him. As the spider webs cleared from his brain he suddenly saw her again and she was just as beautiful as ever. She smiled that Cheshire smile and they fell into each other’s arms. They made love right there in the cemetery and all was well in his world again.

He wanted to ask her how this was happening and what was this magic that brought her back to him but he kept his mouth shut. There would be plenty of time for that later. She was back and they had forever to be together now. Forever.

Holding hands like newlyweds they started back to the cottage. As they walked through the gates of the graveyard and he glanced sideways at her. She looked just like before and was radiant. Suddenly she made a strange sound. She had stopped in her tracks.

She pulled her hand out of his and turned her back to him trembling. The moon ducked behind a bank of dark clouds and he paused. It seemed like the longest time had passed. He reached out, put his hands on her shoulders and spun her around to kiss her. He would kiss this pain away! They would be together. Forever.

As he took her in his arms she felt boney, so skinny. Obviously he would have to fatten her up. As he kissed her he felt a wetness and something scratched his face. Surprised he stepped back and saw a sight he couldn’t understand. It was hideous and it had her voice! It was pleading with him to kiss her again and make love to her.

A rotting corpse stood before him and it had her voice. It had been her but it was now something vile and it stunk of rancid flesh. His mouth hung open and his mind reeled as the flight instinct screamed in his brain to run. He wanted to escape but his feet were glued to the spot.

With that lovely singsong voice because it was the only way he knew it was her, still smiling with rotted lips she said; “Forever now dear! We are together forever now and I will never leave your side again.”

This was the worst participation I ever had on an Add-To-Me Monday and this is only the second one. A huge thanks to françoise MICHEL, without her I would of written this story all by myself. She did her part of the story and doesn’t even write in English. I applaud her courage and talent to write. She is a marvelous writer and friend and really came through for me.

So what’s wrong with the rest of you? I understand this is a holiday weekend and most of you members are probably busy but I was hoping for a few more people to join in. It’s only adding a paragraph or so how hard is that? Unfortunately a lot of people who want to write with the Show Offs can’t figure out how. I can only do so much to help and then it’s up to my members. Yes, you.

Today I am not putting up Add-To-Monday Three because it’s over for now. I would reinstate it only if I get interested people who ask me about having it again.

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