Tuesday, April 23

Prompt Tuesday-Image One, Kim Robertson


Kim Robertson

2:49 PM


Show Offs (Entries Only)

Once Upon A Byway

Once upon my wandering way
I chanced upon a sight I say
I will remember 'til my dying day

Twas late in the month of April
The sky was cloudy the air was still
I heard a ruckus from over the hill

Was that the sound of blades clashing?
Lo, I hear rhetorical thrashing
And there, some maiden is laughing!

I had to know what that could be
But I was not ready for the sight to see
When first I peered into the lea

If I tell you to your face
Do not bury your mouth into your lace
And show mirth at my disgrace

For what I saw was real and true
As clear as now I am seeing you
Not madness as you may construe

There was a giant as tall as a larch
Upon which two fine young men with fine moustache
Dueled fiercely with faces harsh

In the giant's fearsome arm
Was gripped a beauteous dame
Her hair all gold, her dress like flame

Laughing merrily with much mirth
At the men fighting for all their worth
Like there is nothing odd on this earth

And there upon the great beast's hand
A balding dwarf boldly did stand
Arguing loudly with gestures grand

Using his intellect advanced
To berate the giant who is aghast,
about where they should go now, at last

Such great strangeness made me fear
That my eyes or mind where unclear
I really could use a nice cold beer!

So away I crept back to the road
And made my journey to my abode
And tried to forget this episode

So when you travel upon a byway
And you hear a ruckus or dismay
Put down your head and keep your way

Lest you should happen upon this crew
Who should they come and spy out you
Twould make a day that you would rue!

Instead put behind you their din
And hurry unto the nearest Inn
To toast your luck with a cheery grin!